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 This is the Basic tour information page. The tour schedule and pricing can be found on the Booking page

The standard tour packages will be five, seven or ten days duration. We'll provide firstclass transport from Bangkok Intl  to Phetchabun, the starting point of your tour. Phetchabun is right at the southern end of the really good riding in the North region. We are only about 20 minutes from the start of some spectacular roads.

When you arrive to Phetchabun, we'll have a room reserved for you at the best hotel in town. You'll have the rest of the day to relax and recover from your journey. Early evening we'll get together for a meal at one of our finer restaurants and talk about the adventure ahead of us.

 The tour starts the following day and finishes at the end of the day we return to Phetchabun.

Initially we are going to limit the tours to a maximum of six riders, or I should say six bikes. We have two or possibly three bikes suited for a passenger,  ZZR1400, BMW R1100S and a new generation Hayabusa, but the  litre bikes are limited to rider only. At least two bikes in the tour will be kitted with high quality video recorders so each and everyone will get a chance to see themselves on video.

The average day of riding will range from 150 to 300+ km's, depending on the area and conditions. Some routes are seriously twisty and 150 clicks will be more than enough for most. We'll have a basic plan as far as routes go, but according to the group consensus, that can be changed.

The tours will be all inclusive from start to finish, excepting alcoholic beverages after the day's finished and  personal entertainment expenses. It goes without saying that no Alcohol will be consumed during operating hours.

Depending on the routes we take, most of the accommodation will be very modern, not Five star, but quite comfortable.  The tour Rates are based on single occupancy rooms, so you won't be required to bunk with anyone unless you choose to. Many of the Hotels we stay in will have a decent Inet connection, so keeping in contact with family or friends won't be an issue. We'll also have a laptop with aircard and we can provide a Thai sim card for your mobile also.

 We'll do our best to accommodate your dining requirements, as we understand that not everyone will enjoy the typical spicy local cuisine for the duration of the tour.

You'll be required to bring your own gear, ie'  Riding suit, helmet, boots and gloves. The weather can be a bit nippy in the latter part of the year, into January, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a suitable undergarment. A support vehicle will be with us full time, and it will transport your personal effects. No need for a tank or tail bag on the bikes.

At the end of your tour we'll provide transport back to Bangkok or Pattaya. If you wish to spend a bit more time to do some sightseeing or just hang about and relax, no problem as we will assist in making arrangements for transport and accommodations in the local area.  We will offer  tours less than five days,  providing you deal with transport to and from Phetchabun.



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